Why choose Command?

Choosing a company to design your logo or marketing material can be a daunting task. There are thousands of designers to choose from, so how do you decide? Here’s a few reasons to choose Command Creative…

Dubai Based

A large amount of design companies outsource the actual labour overseas- making their profit on the margin they put into the fee. When you work with Command, you will be in direct contact with the designer who is creating your logo or promotional material. We never outsource any of our projects and everything you see in our portfolio has been created by us.

Design Skill

Our creative director, James, is a highly accomplished creative, and has been working on creative projects as a freelancer since 2002. We never use cookie cutter solutions and we’re enthusiastic and excited about the potential in every single project. Everything we do is responsive to your individual business.

Fixed Fees

We understand the budget constraints many of our clients are under, and as a result, we chose to fix our design fees. We have set our prices at a level we feel is fantastic value for our clients, and a fair representation of the time, skill and energy we put into every design project.

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Command Creative

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